We each stand on the foundation of our respective internal and external inheritance. You and I are born out of parents from whom we derive our genetic makeup; out of a culture providing us with exposure to language, art, economy, science, religion etc. and a geographic region which is defined by a border and natural resources.

/At the same time, though  I am born out of these specifics, I am exposed to the grandeur of the greater being that envelops us constantly. No one is excluded from the experience of being and from the mandate of having interaction within it. This amazing fact links us all together and declares each of us to be a part of that great unfolding. Being includes us, but we somehow imagine ourselves to be exempt from such inclusion and pursue an exclusive exisrance which by definition is not possible.

Imagine a room with many windows looking out, instinctively we know that by seeing through each window we will get a more complete, view. In reality, we are looking at being through the many established disciplines of inquiry, attempting to answer age old questions and offering some answers, but each realization is offered from a different perspective and we still can’t put it all together.

pThe hubble telescope recently got a major upgrade in the multiple cameras that were installed so that we could see more than just the visible spectrum of light. Today we see an object in space in multiple wave lenths, from gama rays and xrays infrared






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